Have you ever seen another person doing the things you've always dreamed of doing yourself, but never had the time, know how, or recourses to do them, and then wondered, "How is it that this person has been so lucky in life that they get to live MY dream? Why do they get all the fun? When is it MY turn?!"

It's often too easy to look across the way and think that the grass is greener on the other side. The old adage suggests that isn't the case, but i'm willing to submit that it is. If you are sitting around watching others succeed in life and wondering when your time will come, then the grass IS greener on the other side! This life is about what you make it, and reaping what you've sewn. There is a story from my childhood that many of us I'm sure grew up hearing or reading. It is the story of the little red hen. For those of you that are not familiar with the story, I'll quickly hit some bullet points. There was a red hen who had the idea to make some bread. So she gathered some seeds and planted some wheat. She watered them and watched them grow. In the fall, she harvested the wheat and threshed it. She ground it into flour and turned that into dough. She let it rise and baked it. In the end, she had worked very long and hard for that loaf of bread. All the while, her "friends", the pig, the cow, the duck, etc, were offered the chance to help at each stage of the process, but each time declined and went to play. But when that bread was ready, they all showed up and expected that their friend the hen would share with them. She, of course, did not. She had earned that loaf of bread 100%, and was going to enjoy the benefits of her labor.

So, the hen's "friends" saw the situation that she was in and knew that it was better than their current state. She had bread and was full, while they had no bread and were hungry. The trade off here is that the hen put many, many hours and even months of work in to get that bread, while her friends played all summer long. I guess this could all come down to perspective and priority, but for me, personally, I would rather work now and have my loaf of bread in the end. My dad used to always tell me, "work hard, play hard". He still sneaks it in every now and then. The ideal that he was teaching me is that we "sacrifice" a little now to be able to reap a "reward" later. Now, I put "sacrifice" in the quotations because when we work, there are ALWAYS direct and indirect benefits. This is the same reason I quotated "reward". The reward is generally the goal in mind when a certain task is started. The indirect rewards are the traits or skills we might pick up along the way as a result of doing some good old fashioned work. If I decide to put in a pool, I will be looking forward to the pool being filled with cool, refreshing water and bikinis, but I will have many hours of preparation and digging ahead of me. In the process I will most likely have learned a great deal about plumbing, landscaping, and what the perfect ratio of sugar to lemon is for the best Arnold Palmer. I will also have sculpted that perfect beach-bod from all the tiresome evenings spent with a shovel. In the end, I have my pool, but I also have my new skills and a stronger upper body. Its because of these indirect benefits that every minute spent toiling toward your goal is never a minute wasted.  The concept of earning your end goal is called "Delayed Gratification". If we work and wait for something, it will always hold greater value to us than anything that could be given to us. There is a strong connection between how much we have "sacrificed" for something and the value we place in it.

This is all leading to my main point here. Sahn Outdoos is a new player on the scene, but don't underestimate us. We are here for the long haul. We have gained a very decent following on social media platforms quite quickly, and I would like to thank each and every one of you that has supported us so far. We have put in a great deal of work to be able to share our adventures with you, but NONE of this would be possible without the support we've received from our followers. So THANK YOU! We started Sahn because we saw some very popular local guys (we're in SLC, Utah) doing all the things we wanted to be doing and having all the fun! We said to ourselves, "why not us?". So here we are. Watering our own grass; making it greener. Not helping make bread for the hen, but making our own loaf. A loaf that comes from our own recipe. Something unique and filling. Something we hope you'll like.

-Ian DuClos

Co-Founder of Sahn Outdoors, LLC