Our Philosophy

We are a group of average Joe's, weekend warriors, and family men. We work hard all week, and play harder on the weekends (most of them). We believe in being outside as often as possible, and soaking in the beauties of nature.

Meet the Team

Each member brings their own niche of experience to the SAHN table.


Ian DuClos



McCade Cox


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Dillon Rydalch

Team Member

Ian enjoys doing things the hard way. Always has. His outdoor interests include fly fishing, backcountry hiking and camping, and a little bushcraft. Look for some primitive technique tutorials from Ian in the near future.

McCade is the epitome of an outdoorsman. He's down to do nearly everything wilderness related. He hikes, hunts, camps, climbs, cooks, eats, breathes, and sleeps outdoors.

Dillon is our resident and token cowboy. He brings the mule when there's a heavy pack-out job at hand. He is also a dedicated hunter and conservationist. This dude is constantly out scouting throughout the year and has a whole list of #1's. You might say he's the Chuck Norris of scouting.

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