McCade and his 2017 ID Antelope - @mickeyc324
McCade and his 2017 ID Antelope - @mickeyc324
Episode 28


We are a group of average Joe's, weekend warriors, and family men. We work hard all week, and play harder on the weekends (most of them). We believe in being outside as often as possible, and soaking in the beauties of nature.


There is nothing better than having good friends, who all share the same passion for the outdoors.  McCade created SAHN as a vehicle to help him share these passions with others.  Zach and Jordan were obvious additions to the group, due to there aligning character and values.  Being raised around the mountains of Utah, these three outdoorsmen have a deep-rooted love for the mountains, and the creatures that roam them.  Each of them has a different background, personality, and group of skillsets, that when combined, create an unparalleled, fun and adventure-filled experience!

Meet the Team

Each member brings their own niche of experience to the SAHN table.

2018 Colorado Buck

McCade Cox


Zach Mikesell with his 2013 UT 240" Mule Deer Buck

Zach Mikesell


Jordan - Elk Sheds

Jordan Day


McCade was introduced to hunting by his dad, grandfather, and two uncles.  They taught McCade how to hunt, fish, hike, and appreciate all things that the outdoors can offer a man.  The fire that his mentors lit under him, has fueled McCade’s deep passion and love for nature.  He always seems to be found hiking, hunting, or doing something fun in the mountains.  McCade is passionate about elk and deer hunting and enjoys pursuing waterfowl once the big game hunts have ended.  His dream hunt is an Alaskan float trip, hunting moose.

Zach has been immersed in the outdoors since he was very young.  Spending countless summers at Otter Creek State Park in Central Utah, he learned the ins and outs of fishing and looking for wildlife.  Zach has always been obsessed with the mountains and enjoys hiking and hunting in areas that not many people have ever seen.  He was lucky enough to draw the 2013 Utah Sportsman's Mule Deer permit, and with help from family and friends was able to enjoy a DIY dream hunt and harvest a 240-inch velvet giant. This experience only deepened his love for the outdoors and he is always looking for another reason to "see what lies over the next ridge."

Jordan has been a hunting fanatic most of his life.  He and his dad were shed hunting before it was the cool thing to do.  Want to fins a big buck or bull?  Jordan knows the processes to finding them, and is a master at his craft!  We're happy to have Jordan on the team, and are excited for our future hunts, when Jordan is involved!

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